vampire nyo romania wordpress.pngI don’t draw enough vampires, so here’s Nadia.


iggyko tumb signed.pngI hardly ever draw animals, so I’m not good at them, but I wanted to draw a deer centaur (plus a magical prosthetic arm, because I couldn’t stop at ‘centaur’). It turned out better than I expected, and I see places to look at closer and tweak next time I try something like this.

baby witch signed.pngNewbie witch unsure if she can enter her first circle in perfect love and perfect trust.

I used a few elements from an old OC I don’t use anymore for her design, though I didn’t notice at first. She looks a lot more unsure of herself than my old OC did, though, and I’m still trying to decide on a name for this girl. I’m leaning towards either Maeve or River, but like many of my OCs, I have no clue where I’d put her or have her story be.

Radio Siren

Static shutters through the song as I hand the customer her change. She nods absentmindedly in tired thanks, and the jingle of bells alerts me to her departure as I go to fiddle with the radio’s dial.

The thing is old, and out in Bumfuck, Mississippi, only one station comes through with minimal static. If not for the shit my provider sells as coverage, I’d be listening to my Spotify playlist, but it is what it is.

The finicky radio is enough to make me want to turn it off some nights, but it’s never long before the kind of silence that only a rural area paired with darkness can create makes me choose static to keep me company. It’s better than the cicadas, muted by the walls, and the occasional rodent scavenging through the bins out back.

There’s always sound, but it’s the wavering white noise kind that can shove my anxiety into overdrive real quick, especially with caffeine replacing sleep – thanks to the shifts of my two jobs meeting to where time for sleep is hard to come by.

But sleep and sanity by damned; the faster I can get out of Mississippi, the better.

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